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  • My Night with Rob Gronkowski

    Did my post title get your attention?  I don’t post many personal items, but I just couldn’t resist reporting on one of the highlights of my 2013…The Rob Gronkowski Football 101 Women’s Clinic. If you are wondering why I would do such a thing, you should know that the New England Patriots are a bit of an obsession, and have been for the last 20-30 years or so.   I first heard of Rob’s clinic  in a rather sarcastic ESPN piece in my NFL flipboard feed.  Of course I immediately signed up, as it was a 21 + event with no age maximum.  My expectations were tempered.  I feared it would just be a “party” atmosphere and a way for Rob to meet some girls, as was implied in the sarcastic ESPN piece. But I have to admit the whole evening exceeded my expectations.  I was taken aback when I saw the football field, lit up and completely outfitted with all manner of accessories for football drills and an obstacle course. To put it mildly, I am not known for my talent when it comes to running, catching, or throwing any kind of ball.  I didn’t want to humiliate myself, so therefore decided to pass on the specialty drink of the night, the “Gronktini”.  They fed us (120 women) a nice meal of grilled chicken, grilled mediterranean vegetables, and caesar salad.  Then we hit the field with our teams, and the staff proceeded to coach us up.  And Rob was right out there with us,  teaching us the most important tip when it comes to catching a football…”The Triangle”.  We ran post patterns,  running back drills, learned the 3 step drop, & kicked field goals.  Everybody had a chance to touch Rob.  And if you didn’t you weren’t trying hard enough.   He was a really good sport.   After learning our new skills, every team did the obstacle course…with the winning team members getting individual photos of themselves in a Gronk sandwich (Rob’s brother was there, too).  Finally, we went inside and they served us coffee and dessert.  All for 99 bucks.    My proudest moment of the evening, though, was at the beginning of the night when Gronk was introduced into a room of 120, Gronktini-fueled, shrieking women.  The emcee was working the crowd with plenty of innuendo…saying “Who wants to be the center…if Rob is at quarterback??” (For those of you who don’t know anything about football, think Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the VMA awards).   More shrieking.  Then the emcee asked…”Does anyone know who the center is for the New England Patriots??”  Now it was my time to shine.  I shrieked… I mean shouted… “Ryan Wendell!!!”.  I was the only one.  And I was standing in the front row.  Rob looked directly into my eyes and said “Yes!  Ryan Wendell is our center.”  And I like to think he thought to himself…”How nice that there are FOOTBALL FANS here, and not just 20 somethings who are only interested in me”  But he probably didn’t.

    Mark Karlsberg - March 30, 2014 - 2:54 pm

    WOW!! Julia, I see you in the front row a mere two seats away from “the Gronk”. I’m grooving on those pants he has on. Sounded like a the perfect day, good instruction, good food and fun activities. Thanks for sharing.

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