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  • Monthly Archives: October 2008

    Phillies and Red Sox in World Series!

    OK, it would have been great, but Tricia and Mark will have something else to celebrate on November 1st…their wedding! Let’s hope the Phillies can pull it off, for Mark’s sake….

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    Seaside wedding in Guilford, Connecticut

    Its always a thrill to discover a beautiful new place, not so very far from where you live. I’ve lived in New England all my life, but never had been to Guilford, Connecticut. Not only is it visually charming, but its the kind of place where you could procure, depending on your mood, either a […]

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    Man on Wire

    Last night I saw the film, Man on Wire about the french artist Phillipe Petit and his daring, amazing, unfathomable and beautiful walk between the Twin Towers in 1974. I first became aware of this event after reading a compelling story about it in The New Yorker in 1987, and I have carried it around […]

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