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  • Engagement Session in Portsmouth

    Springtime weather has finally arrived and that made it fun to photograph Kelsey and Henry’s esession. We took photographs near Prescott Park, and downtown Portsmouth at Moxy. During the session, I showed Henry one of the pictures with the Moxy logo in the background…he told me that he liked it because Kelsey has “moxie”. I agree. This wedding is going to be alot of fun to photograph!
    175aclbwnsKelsey and Henry.jpg
    158Kelsey and Henry.jpg
    185acldesatKelsey and Henry.jpg
    194acldesatKelsey and Henry.jpg
    207admvKelsey and Henry.jpg

    Becca and David’s Italian Album/ Willowdale Estate Wedding

    Thought I’d share a quick look at Becca and David’s wedding album, delivered from Italy last week. Their album had a brushed stainless steel cover and the parent’s book a hardbound copy with dustjacket.

    Planning a wedding is one of the hardest things you will ever undertake. There are just so many details to remember, so many opinions to juggle, some many ways you could possibly put someone’s nose out of joint. Looking after yourself might be the last thing on your mind at this time.

    While you are scheduling everything else, schedule in some self-care time for you as well, you can even do some waxing, With brazilian wax, you’ll have longer lasting effects and your hair won’t grow back as quickly and feel smooth and nice.
    Book a massage
    A simple thing you can do is book a massage, or even more than one, in the weeks before your wedding. You might be surprised at how tense your body has become, with stress in your back, neck, and shoulders. Book time to get a massage, even a head massage, to help you chill out.

    Schedule a rejuvenating facial
    This has the extra benefit of getting your skin glowing for the wedding day, so it is easy to justify. Just don’t do it too close to the big day because in the short term it can bring out all your blemishes. Talk to a skin specialist about the best time to schedule this in, and enjoy!

    While you are there, get a head massage, as well as a manicure and pedicure too, to have you feeling good from top to toe.

    The last thing you want is to get so stressed before your wedding that you look back on this time unhappily; planning for your special day is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable moments of your life. Take a little time, grab a partner if you want, and just chill out. Going into your wedding day happy, healthy and above all, relaxed, will make for such a greater day.

    Graphi Studio Brushed Stainless Cover

    Graphi Studio album at Willowdale Estate

    Graphistudio Wedding Album

    Winter Wedding in Manchester, NH

    Here are some highlights from Angela and Darren’s wedding at St Georges Greek Orthodox Church and the Manchester Country Club

    Arriving at St Georges

    I love photographing here…the colors and architecture are just stunning

    Arriving at the Manchester Country Club…the weather gods were kind to us and we were able to make some nice images outside after a day of rain!

    I’d like to think this image of Angela, her sister Athena & niece Alexa will be treasured and on display at Alexa’s wedding someday!

    Let’s have a little real talk for a couple moments here, okay? Wedding days are all about the couple. We have marriage because we have love for one another. That love has inspired us, helped us to grow, helped us to heal, and helped us to be the best we can be for each other. Therefore, we have weddings and we have love. I actually still remember my own with so much love I get tears in my eyes, I still have my dress. Last week I went to a plus size wedding dress shops with a friend that is getting married and I was dying to try the dresses, is just such a wonderful experience.

    Your wedding day is all about you!

    Wedding days should be all about the couple–but of course, we have also invited all of our nearest and dearest. So our wedding day becomes not just about us (the bride and groom) but also those we care for and love. Our emphasis, however, should never waiver on what is truly important and that is that two strangers at some point, met on this planet (which is rather large) and made a decision to say hello. Fast forward months or years later and you’re at the wedding of two people who once did not know one another. A day that is customized exclusively for them to celebrate and commune with the ones they love.


    The colors and decor at Manchester Country Club were shimmering and elegant.  And special thanks to my second shooter, Jay Goldsmith, who went outside at night to get this great photo of the venue, reflected in a puddle!

    Love the shoes from Vessi